Our Program



Explore ACTT's transformative "JIWEZESHE Program," a holistic training package designed to empower Tanzanian youth with essential skills and knowledge. At ACTT, we are committed to nurturing talent, fostering career development, and promoting financial literacy.

The aim of our "JIWEZESHE Program" is to prepare Tanzanian youth for success in the digital age and beyond. Key objectives include:

  • IT Skills: We provide in-depth training in basic IT skills and access to online information.
  • Career Development: Our program covers essential aspects of career development, including job searching, communication skills, and professionalism in the workplace.
  • Financial Literacy: Participants learn the basics of financial literacy, including budgeting, savings, income vs. expenses, and entrepreneurship.

What Was Done:

During the implementation of the "JIWEZESHE Program," we've achieved several milestones:

  • Holistic Training: We've delivered a comprehensive two-month course, combining computer awareness, career development, counseling, job searching, and financial literacy.
  • Youth Empowerment: Our program has empowered Tanzanian youth to navigate the job market with confidence, thanks to our one-on-one counseling and skills development sessions.

The "JIWEZESHE Program" reflects ACTT's dedication to preparing Tanzanian youth for a bright future. Join us in shaping the next generation of skilled and financially literate individuals who will contribute to the country's growth and prosperity.