About Us


Welcome to ACTT - Affordable Computers & Technology for Tanzania.

We're your gateway to a brighter, digitally inclusive future. At ACTT, our mission is clear we're committed to bridging the digital divide in Tanzania. Our core values drive us in empowerment through technology, environmental responsibility, and social equity.

As you explore our world, expect affordable and refurbished tech solutions, transformative IT education, and innovative community programs. We extend a warm welcome to our visitors, partners, and friends. Join us in making technology accessible to all, fostering digital literacy, and nurturing a sustainable future. Together, we're writing the story of a more connected, informed, and empowered Tanzania. Welcome to ACTT.

Our Journey

Born in 2004 as a project within the Non Profit Organisation MKOMBOZI, Our official registration as a company in 2011 marked a significant milestone, our evolution has been a compelling story of growth, commitment and impact. Over the years, we've achieved significant milestones, evolving from a small initiative into a dynamic organization dedicated to creating positive change. Our primary goal is to democratize access to technology in Tanzania. We envision a future where every Tanzanian has the opportunity to thrive in the digital age.


ACTT is more than a technology provider; we're a catalyst for change, committed to building a brighter future for Tanzania and through the combined efforts of ACTT and its partners we wish to fulfill the following goals:

  • Nationwide digital inclusion.
  • Premier IT education provider.
  • Advocates for environmental responsibility.
  • Youth career empowerment.
  • Active community engagement.
  • Elevating our online presence.

Milestones Achieved

From humble beginnings, we've transformed into a dynamic force, achieving remarkable milestones on our journey towards positive change.

  • Microsoft Project (2006-2009): Partnered with Microsoft to create 27 Community Technology Learning Centers (CTLCs), training 3,000+ students in basic IT skills. ACTT is now a Microsoft registered refurbisher.
  • College Computerization (2009-2011): Computerized 7 out of 8 Fork Development Colleges in Northern Tanzania, expanding educational opportunities.
  • Educational Support (Ongoing): Teamed up with charities, institutions, and individuals, aiding schools nationwide, including Gazelle Trust, Neema Foundation, Project Zawadi, and more.
  • Rotary Club Partnership (Ongoing): Joined Rotary Club Moshi to support schools, vocational institutions, and community projects in Mwanga, Mwika, and Ukerewe in the Lake Zone.
  • Solar-Powered Labs Illuminate Education (2013): Our Solar-Powered Labs project brightened schools without electricity, promoting sustainability and digital access.
  • Opening of the mwanza branch (2014) : ACTT made another milestone in 2014 by opening a branch in Mwanza to serve the lake zone regions, the project kicked off with huge success for within the first six months.
  • Empowering Youth with JIWEZESHE program (2017): The JIWEZESHE program was born, empowering young Tanzanians with IT and career development skills.
  • Business Empowerment Initiative (Ongoing): Thanks to Make A Difference Now, our 2020 Business Empowerment program equipped Tanzanian youth with vital job market skills.
  • Empowering Youth with JIWEZESHE program (2017): The JIWEZESHE program was born, empowering young Tanzanians with IT and career development skills.
  • Heartwarming CSR Visit (Ongoing): In 2023, we conducted a heartwarming CSR visit to an orphanage, underscoring our commitment to the community.
  • School Labs Setup Transformation (Ongoing): Our ongoing School Labs Setup initiative continues to transform education by providing affordable computers to schools.