E-Waste Management Program

E-Waste Management Program:

Welcome to ACTT's pioneering "E-Waste Management Program," an environmentally conscious initiative dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of electronic waste in Tanzania. At ACTT, we firmly believe that responsible disposal and recycling of electronic devices are essential for a sustainable future

Our primary aim with the "E-Waste Management Program" is to combat the harmful effects of electronic waste by promoting responsible disposal practices and recycling. Key objectives include:

  • Environmental Conservation: We're committed to reducing the environmental impact of e-waste through proper disposal methods.
  • Awareness and Education: Our program educates individuals, businesses, and communities on the importance of recycling electronic devices.

What Was Done

Throughout the duration of this program, we've made significant strides.

  • Collection and Recycling: We've partnered with environmental organizations and tech companies, including Dell, World loop and HP, to collect electronic waste and ensure it's processed responsibly.
  • Community Involvement: We've engaged with various small charities, institutions, and individuals to promote responsible disposal practices and electronic waste recycling.

The "E-Waste Management Program" is a testament to ACTT's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Join us in making a positive impact on our environment by participating in our e-waste recycling efforts.