Unlimited Potential
Unlimited Potential

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program

Welcome to ACTT's showcase of the "Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program. This initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to bridging the digital divide in Tanzania. We partnered with Microsoft in 2006 to create a positive impact on education and technology in our communities.


Strengthening Educational Institutions
Strengthening Educational Institutions

Our primary aim through the "Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program" is to empower Tanzanian students and institutions with digital skills. Our key objectives include:

  • Promoting Digital Literacy: We believe that access to digital skills is crucial for personal and professional development.
  • Strengthening Educational Institutions: By establishing Community Technology Learning Centers (CTLCs), we aim to provide vital training resources and curricula to educational institutions.
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  • These groups install cybersecurity measures to shield the data.
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Training Students

What Was Done:

During this program, we achieved significant milestones:

  • Training Students: We trained over 3,000 students in basic IT skills, equipping them for the digital age.
  • Supporting CTLCs: Our efforts led to the creation of 27 CTLCs within educational institutions.
  • Microsoft Partnership: We forged a strong partnership with Microsoft, becoming a registered refurbisher.

The "Microsoft Unlimited Potential Program" embodies our dedication to digital inclusion and education in Tanzania. It's a step towards a brighter and more digitally connected future for our country.