Digital Inclusion

Our primary goal is to promote digital inclusion across Tanzania. We aim to ensure that everyone, regardless of their location..


Bridging the Digital Divide

ACTT seeks to bridge the digital divide that exists in Tanzania.


Community Transformation

Beyond technology, we seek to transform communities by fostering economic growth through entrepreneurship programs..


Innovation and Adaptation

Innovation is at the core of our goals. We continuously adapt to new technologies and approaches to stay relevant and address emerging challenges.

Welcome to ACTT - Affordable Computers & Technology for Tanzania


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Welcome to ACTT - Affordable Computers & Technology for Tanzania

We're your gateway to a brighter, digitally inclusive future. At ACTT, our mission is clear we're committed to bridging the digital divide in Tanzania. Our core values drive us in empowerment through technology, environmental responsibility, and social equity. As you explore our world, expect affordable and refurbished tech solutions, transformative IT education, and innovative community programs. We extend a warm welcome to our visitors, partners, and friends. Join us in making technology accessible to all, fostering digital literacy, and nurturing a sustainable future. Together, we're writing the story of a more connected, informed, and empowered Tanzania. Welcome to ACTT.

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Our Programs

Unlimited Potential

Thanks to Microsoft's support, this project brought technology closer to those who needed it most...

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School Labs Setup

This ongoing project continues to transform learning environments, enhancing the educational experience...

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Solar Powered Labs

In recognition of the power of education and the challenges posed by limited access to electricity...

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E-Waste Collection & Recycling

We teamed up with environmental conservationists and tech giants like Dell and HP to address the growing...

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Business Empowerment

In partnership with Make a Difference Now (MAD), we've hosted training sessions to empower youth. These sessions cover various aspects, including resume and ...

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Our JIWEZESHE Program blends technology, career development, and financial literacy. With the support of organizations like Spring and a focus...

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