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ACTT Portfolio Pricesheet
Review current availability and pricing of ACTT hardware, donor-funded programs and IT courses.
Contact ACTT's Sales team to inquire about refurbished, high-quality hardware and peripherals for sale.
Contact ACTT's Processing & Maintenance team to inquire about PC installation and repair services.
Contact ACTT's Training team to inquire about IT skills training courses and fees.

When you buy from ACTT you support our sustainability and profitability, which in turn safeguards our social initiatives such as providing PCs for schools and ICT training for youths!

Computer hardware sales:
ACTT sells high-quality, refurbished Personal Computers (PCs) to schools, NGOs, civil society organisations and individuals within Tanzania. Hardware items for sale includes desktops, tablets, printers, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables and other peripherals. ACTT pricing is always flexible to fit clients' needs. For example:

  • we can frequently offer reasonable discounts on equipment;
  • we are flexible with specification requests (i.e. hard drive and memory);
  • we upgrade computers so we can offer up to date products at very competitive prices;
  • we offer free installation and configuration for large orders delivered within a reasonable distance of Moshi;
  • we are ALWAYS open to help our client fix defects / problems with your equipment without any labour costs.

PC installation & follow-up:
For large orders, deliveries are made within a reasonable distance of Moshi and the same applies to Mwanza, ACTT trained technicians are available to install and configure ACTT computers at the customer's site, at no extra cost. ACTT can also perform a pre-installation visit to provide advice on the adequate preparation of that site for optimal PC performance. ACTT always offers a three month follow-up visit to the customer's site, to ensure PCs are problem-free.

PC maintenance:
ACTT offers one-year software and hardware maintenance contracts to ACTT customers. This includes 3 monthly visits for onsite PC cleaning, check-ups and troubleshooting as well as an emergency service (by phone / in person). ACTT also troubleshoots and repairs non-ACTT PCs that are delivered to the ACTT workshop.

IT skills training:
ACTT provides a variety of ICT training courses to a broad spectrum of clients. Current courses available include:

  • Certificate in Microsoft Office Expert (Standardised)
  • Certificate in Computer Technician
  • Certificate in Computer Graphics Design
  • Certificate in Computerised Accounting
  • Certificate in Networking