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ACTT is committed to help keep Tanzania clean for future generations! We practice a "Green IT" initiative in order to off-set the environmental effects of improper PC disposal.

Over the past 8 years, ACTT has been supporting educational institutions across the northern part of the country to set up sustainable computer labs. Over 150 educational institutions have been supported so far and these have all benefitted from regular follow-ups to ensure the computers are maintained and utilized to their maximum potential. However, the aging of the computers and peripherals is inevitable and ACTT is aware that this inevitably means increased maintenance costs which can then lead to the risk of improper disposal of these potentially hazardous materials that can have a detrimental effect on the environment. With this understanding, ACTT has been practicing "Green IT" >since 2009.

Objectives of "Green IT":

  • Reduce the costs incurred by schools of maintaining computer equipment;
  • Reduce environmental damage by preventing the dumping of irreparable electronic components that are environmentally dangerous;
  • Encourage schools to regularly upgrade to newer, more effective equipment through the Upgrade Program ;
  • Support schools though the Upgrade Program by keeping them up-to-date with latest software and training materials.

ACTT's regular "Green IT" activities:

  • Advocating for schools and government bodies to factor in ICT maintenance and upgrade costs in their annual budgets
  • Visiting schools to assess the equipment they have and to determine if it needs upgrading or disposal (this information is shared with former supporters and potential supporters).
  • Upgrading older but functioning equipment with new, high quality equipment for a small fee and disposal of non-functional equipment where the school is then offered an incentive to participate in the Upgrade program.
  • Disassembling old equipment into different components (i.e. plastic, metal and electronic circuit boards) in partnership with ViAfrica trained technicians.
  • Disposing of metal and plastic through locally available recycling plants, and storing electric circuit boards and monitors (which are not currently recyclable locally).
  • Transporting obsolete equipment to a facility in Kenya or to specific handling plants abroad. Overall, a 0% landfill of e-waste materials is guaranteed.